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The EuroREACH project

The EuroREACH project brings together a multi-disciplinary team of partners from 8 different countries. It is led by the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research in Vienna, Austria, with Maria M. Hofmarcher heading the project. Partners collaborated over a three-year period from January 2010 to May 2013. It is funded by the European Commission's 7th Framework Program.

Why EuroREACH?

A major challenge in international research is access to comprehensive and comparable healthcare data across countries, providers and disease areas. Recent innovations at the national, European and international level have focused on improving health care information systems to improve comparative assessment of health system performance. Given the increased number of health data initiatives, there is a need to ensure comparability and organization of information about health data for cross-country research and related key issues. EuroREACH aims to meet this need through coordination with and evaluation of international and national health information systems and health data projects.

Key issues of comparative performance measurement in the area of health care


Source: EuroREACH 2012

EuroREACH produces the Health Data Navigator

Through its Health Data Navigator the project provides a toolbox of guidance to researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders interested in cross-country research by:

  • Identifying information sources of aggregate, patient-level, disease-based data
  • Offering guidance on key data challenges such as data access, linkage and comparability
  • Highlighting gaps in existing data to encourage data collection in under-represented areas

The Health Data Navigator features an interactive compendium of health data and encourages exchange of best practices to improve comparative assessment of health system performance.

EuroREACH works with a performance assessment framework

EuroREACH utilizes the OECD's Health Care Quality Indicator (HCQI) framework, which was adjusted to facilitate comprehensive assessment of health system performance.

EuroREACH reviews and appraises

  • European and international projects which produce comparable health care data and have potential interfaces with other health data projects
  • National health information systems, including best practice examples of comprehensive, patient-level data for health services research
  • Key issues of comparative research arising from an original case study aiming at assessing the quality and efficiency of diabetic care provision in three EuroREACH partner countries