HealthDataNavigator Assess available data on different performance domains across various settings


The EuroREACH project is a collaboration between nine research institutions. EuroREACH partners listed below evaluated and assessed health data sources and initiatives. The activities of all partners are brought together in the Health Data Navigator. EuroREACH mandated a working group to develop the prototype of the Health Data Navigator. Members of the working group are: Maria M. Hofmarcher, Juliane Winkelmann and Sebastian Ruttner (European Centre), Zeynep Or and David Bernstein (IRDES), Irene Papanicolas and Carlos Javier Riumallo Herl (LSE), Britta Zander (TUB)

European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research, Austria (co-ordinator)

Centre d'études de populations, de pauvreté et de politiques socio-économiques, Luxembourg

Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics, France
London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom  
 Maccabi Institute for Health Services Research, Israel  
 National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland  
Technical University Berlin, Germany
University of Tartu, Estonia   
 Imperial College of Science, United Kingdom