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Diabetes Atlas

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Diabetes Atlas is developed by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Although not properly a database, it is a book where several indicators are available for the last four years. IDF groups over 160 national diabetes organisations. It promotes diabetes care, both prevention and treatment around the world. One of its tasks is to represent and quantify the data concerning diabetes.

Indicator table of Diabetes Atlas

Health StatusIndicatorsDecomposition
     Mortality rate
Prevalence Estimate % of Poputlation
Appropriateness N/A
Safety N/A
Responsiveness N/A
Outputs/Activities   N/A
Physical Inputs Human Resources N/A
Infrastructure N/A
Costs Expenditure in Diabetes (US$ per person)
Access to Effective Care N/A
Distribution N/A
Non-Medical Determinants of HealthIndicatorsDecomposition
Lifestyle N/A
Personal Resources N/A
Socio Economic Conditions and Environment N/A
Physical Environment N/A