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EuroCARE is a project developed for the study of the survival rate of patients with cancer. The project started in 1989 with 14 health institutes in Europe. The number has increased since then and nowadays a unique international database of cancer survival rates is available. The EuroCARE data is divided according to the time period. The objective is to provide information on the survival and care of cancer patients in Europe.

Indicator Table for EuroCARE database

Health StatusIndicatorsDecomposition


Age, Gender, Type of Cancer, Time from Diagnosis, Period of Diagnosis

Lost to Follow Up

Observed Survival

Expected Survival

Relative Survival

Appropriateness N/A
Safety N/A
Responsiveness N/A
Outputs/Activities   N/A
Physical Inputs Human Resources N/A
Infrastructure N/A
Costs N/A

All Indicators are decomposed by income

Access to Effective Care Doctor Consultation

Frequency in the last 12 months

Consultation to GP

Frequency in the last 12 months

Consultation to Specialists

Yes/No, by type of Specialist

People admitted to a psychiatric service


Non-Medical Determinants of HealthIndicatorsDecomposition

Alcohol Consumption rates

Number of Daily Drinks, Frequency

Frequency of Physical Activity

Several times/week, 1/week, 1-3/month, Almost never or never

Smoking Rates

Daily Average, Number of Years, What kind of smoke

Personal Resources     

Household Income

Financial Condition Assets, etc.
Current Employment Situation Retired, Working, Unemployed, Invalid and stay-at-home
Socio Economic Conditions and Environment

Educational Level

Occupational Category

From a list of 10 occupations such as administrative, artisan, etc.

Social Support 

Employment Conditions

Physical Environment 

Housing Conditions