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IARC: Globocan - CI5 - ACCIS - ECO - NORDCAN

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The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) database provides comprehensive coverage of statistics on cancer in UN member countries. Five main datasets are available in the IARC database: GLOBOCAN, CI5, ACCIS, ECO and NORDCAN. Most of the data provided by the IARC is based on population based registries that may cover entire national populations or smaller subnational areas; or other national organizations 

Indicator Table for IARC database

Health StatusIndicatorsDecomposition
Crude Incidence   GLOBOCAN 2008
CI5 1953-2002
ECO 2006-2007
Standardised Incidence   CI5 1953-2002
ACCIS 1970-2000
Cumulative Incidence CI5 1953-2002
Crude Mortality  GLOBOCAN 2008
ECO 2006-2007
Standardised Mortality NORDCAN 1960-
Prevalence NORDCAN 1980-
Appropriateness Observed Cumulative Five-year Survival Rate ACCIS 1970-2000
Safety N/A
Responsiveness N/A
Outputs/Activities   N/A
Physical Inputs Human Resources N/A
Infrastructure N/A
Costs N/A
Access to Effective Care N/A
Distribution N/A
Non-Medical Determinants of HealthIndicatorsDecomposition
Life N/A
Personal Resources N/A
Socio Economic Conditions and Environment N/A
Physical Environment N/A