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WHO Global Health Observatory Data Repository

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The Global Health Observatory Data Repository groups all the data collected by the WHO in a unique platform. It contains a wide range of data organised by WHO’s priority themes: health related millennium development goals, environmental health, health equity, substance use, infectious diseases and violence and injuries. 

GHO Indicator Table

Health StatusIndicatorsDecomposition
Standardised Mortality Rates Age, Gender, Disease, Maternal, Infant, Non Communicable Diseases, Cancer
Incidence Rates and Mortality Influenza, cholera, meningococcal meningitis, malaria, tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases
Years of Life Lost (YYL) Cause, Age, Gender
Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY's)
Life Expectancy Gender
Healthy Life Expectancy
% of Children Aged <5 Stunted Rural/Urban, Income, Education Level
Quality IndicatorsDecomposition
Appropriateness N/A
Safety N/A
Responsiveness N/A
Outputs/Activities TB Treatment Success Rate
Physical Inputs Human Resources N/A
Infrastructure Medical Equipment (Total Number and Density)
% Median availability of Selected generic drugs
Number of Beds
Costs Health Expenditure (% of GDP and % of Total Health Expenditure and per capita) Private, Public, Social Security, Out-of-pocket, private plans
Price ratio of selected generic drugs
International Aid (% of GDP)
Access to Effective Care  Immunization Rates Disease, Age
Unmet need for family planning
Maternal Care: % Antenatal Care Coverage (>4 visit)
Maternal Care: % Antenatal Care Coverage (>1 visit)
Births attended by skilled professional Rural/Urban, Income, Education Level
Children access to Vit C, receiving antimalarial treatment, etc.
% of Population with Access to HIV/AIDS and TB treatment
Distribution  % of Children Aged <5 Stunted Rural/Urban, Income, Education Level
Births attended by skilled professional
Measles Immunization
Under 5 Mortality Rate
Non-Medical Determinants of HealthIndicatorsDecomposition
Lifestyle % of population under weight Birth, Children, Infants
Adult Obesity rates
Alcohol Consumption (litres of pure alcohol per year)
Prevalence of Tobacco Use Gender
Prevalence of Condom Use Gender
Comprehensive Knowledge of HIV Gender
Personal Resources N/A
Socio Economic Conditions and Environment Adult Literacy rates
Physical Environment % Proportion of Population using improved water sources
% Proportion of population using improved sanitation facilities
Outdoor Air pollution
Household Air pollution
Second Hand Smoke