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Health Data Navigator databases by country


Anton-Proksch-Institute (data on addictions)

Austrian Health Interview Survey 2006/07

Austrian National Cancer Registry

Ärztekostenstatistik (statistics on physicians’ cost)

BIG (Buisness Intelligence in the health care system) a health data pool hosted by the Main Association of Austrian Social Security institutions

Critical Incident Reporting System


FoKo datasets ("Folgekosten-Datenbank")

GAP-DRG (General Approach for Patient oriented Outpatient-based DRG)

Krankenanstalten in Zahlen (hospitals in figures)

LIVE-dataset maintained by the Main Association

Ministry of Health maintains a register of notifiable communicable diseases

Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection issues a yearly publication on the state of long-term care in Austria

Patient Satisfaction Survey 2010/11

Pflegedienstleistungsstatistik maintained by Statistics Austria



Statistics Austria (reports among others on causes of death, mortality data, cancer survival, health care staff in Austrian hospitals)

Statistisches Handbuch der österreichischen Sozialversicherung

ÖGIS (the Austrian Health Information System)



Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Estonia Health Interview Survey

Health Behavior among Estonian Adult Population

Health Behaviour of School-aged Children

Household Budget Survey

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Health Statistics and Health Research Database

Statistics Estonia




Finnish Cancer Registry

Finnish Health Interview Survey 2000/2011

Finnish Patient Insurance Centre

National birth registry maintained by THL

National discharge register

Hospital benchmarking database (THL)

KELASTO database

PERFECT reporting in THL


SUHAT database

Statistics Finland (Causes of death register and mortality data)

THL provides a table compatible with SHA tables

THL hosts a database for a defined set of communicable diseases

THL administers research datasets which combine socio-demographic data

THL collects data on health care personnel

Waiting list reporting system in THL



Baromètre santé surveys


Ecosanté IRDES

Enquête décennale de santé

ENTRED survey

Etude Nationale des Coûts (National Costs Study)

Health, Healthcare and Insurance Survey (ESPS)


INSEE (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies)

Institut de Veille Sanitaire (InVS)

National Health Accounts


PMSI hospital database

Réseau Sentinelles

Score Santé

SNIIR-AM reimbursement database


Statistique Annuelle des Etablissements



DAK Gesundheitsbarometer

DEGS (German Health Interview and Examination for Adults)

DESTATIS (Federal Bureau of Statistics)

Europe survey (Europabefragung)

GBE des Bundes (Federal Health Reporting System)

GEDA (German Health Update survey)

GEKID (Association of Population-based Cancer Registries in Germany)

German Endoprosthesis Register (EPRD)

German Hospital Federation (DGK e.V.)

G-DRG-Report Browser


The Institute for Hospital Remuneration System ( Institut für das Entgeltsystem im Krankenhaus)

Kompetenznetz Diabetes Mellitus

Krankenhaus Barometer

KiGGS (German Health Interview and Examination Survey for Children and Adolescents)

Nationale Verzehrsstudie II: national survey on nutrition

Nationales Ernährungsmonitoring (NEMONIT)

Patient Satisfaction Survey


RKI (Robert Koch Institute)

Quality assurance with routine data (QSR)

SOEB: Reporting on socio-economic development in Germany

German Socio-Economic Panel Study (SOEP)

WIDO Monitoring (Wissenschaftliches Institut der AOK)

Weisse Liste internet portal

ZfKD (German Centre for Cancer Registry Data)

2011 Census



Communicable diseases monitoring, Israel Center for Diseases Control

Individual HMO administrative data

Israel Department of Health, Department of Medical Services Research

Israel National program for measuring care quality in the community

Israel National Population Register

Israel National Cancer Registry

Israel National Very Low Birth Weight Infant Database

Israel National Immunization Registry

Mortality and cause of death data, Central Bureau of Statistics

National Health Insurance Law, Statistics database

National population census, Central Bureau of Statistics

National hospital services data

National Trauma Registry

Severe chronic diseases registry

Statistical Abstract of Israel, 2010 No. 61

2009 Health survey data, Central Bureau of Statistics



General Inspectorate of Social Security (IGSS)

Ministry of Health

National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies in Luxembourg (STATEC)



United Kingdom

British Household Panel Survey (BHPS)


Care Quality Commission

Compendium of Health Datasets for Economists (ICOHDE)

Department of Health

Economic and Social Data Service

English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA)

General Household Survey (GHS)

Governments Actuary Department (GAD)

Health Education Monitoring Survey (HEMS)

Health Survey for England

Health Statistics Quarterly

HES database

NHS Information Centre

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Performance database of the Department of Health



Quality of Outcomes Framework (QOF) database

Vital Statistics