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EuroREACH Framework



EuroREACH Framework
Background The framework builds upon the OECD HCQI proposed by Arah and colleagues (2006).  Similar to the OECD HCQI framework, health system performance is placed within a wider performance framework that acknowledged the key healthy policy goals adopted by the OECD and its member states. Within the domain of health care system performance the focus is on quality, efficiency and equity.
Health system boundaries The health care system, not including public health activities or other wider issues
Health system objectives Intermediate Goals Final Goals
Level and distribution of health.
Level and distribution of responsiveness and access
Macroeconomic and microeconomic efficiency
Key terms Health Health outcomes are changes in health status brought about by health care, or health system, activities.
Quality Captured by levels of attainment of health outcomes and responsiveness.
Efficiency Defined as microeconomic efficiency, measured health system productivity as compared to its maximum attainable, macroeconomic efficiency, what effect a change in the level of resources would have on the desired level of health outcomes and responsiveness compared to other goods and services.
Equity Captured by the distribution of health outcomes, access and financing.
Health System architecture No conceptualization of Health System Architecture
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